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Luqman Qasim Yehya

Main Office – Erbil

Nearest Rizgari Hospital, 100 metre st. – Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq

Contact No. : +9647504900227


Erbil Branch

Majdi mall, Koya street , Erbil – Kurdistan Iraq

Mobile: +964 7515325886


Family Mall, 100 metre street, Erbil – Kurdistan Iraq

Mobile: +964 7515325882


Nearest Rizgari Hospital, 100 metre st. – Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq

Mobile: +9647515159577


Nearest Mar Yousif churche, Ankawa – Erbil, Kurdsitan Iraq

Mobile: +9647515325879


Royal Mall, 60 metre street, Erbil – Kurdistan Iraq

Mobile: +9647515159551

Abdul Qadir Hamada

Main Office – Baghdad

Baghdad Al Mansoor main road oppositr of Nineveh Kabab Resturant

Contact No. : +9647503377999



Mansour Mall , Baghdad – Iraq

Mobile: +964 7506586613


Bawan Mohammed Jalal

Infront of brother united school, Qadi, khir street, Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan Iraq

Mobile: +964 7503874141


Sulaymaniah – Majdi Mall on Sulaimani Kirkuk Road

Contact No. : +9647503377999

Nawzad Shaker Sdeq Muhammed

Main Office – Kirkuk

Kirkuk – near Turkmani Radio

Mobile: +9647508633031

Out let

Kirkuk – Governorater cross Section , opposite Royal Mall

Mobile: +964 7508698144

Khaled Ibraheem Ibraheem

Main Office – Duhok

Duhok – Al Askary Quarter near to Qaze Muhammed Mosque

Contact No. : +9647503377999


Duhok – (Duhok Mall- Ground floor) near Zeri land complex

Mobile: +964 7504594597

Muhaydeen Haji

Zakho – Ashechami Quarter opposite to Zakho football Stadium

Mobile: +9647507676763

Ayman Moyad Abdulsamad

Mosul – Al Muhandsen Quarter – Yaqut Building

Contact No. : +9647507212222

Hussien Jaseem Abdulqader

Basrah – Al Jazera – Quarter Oman – Opposite of aben Ghazwan Hospital

Mobile: +9647508628000

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