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We’re the major authorized retailer and distributor of some of the world’s most recognizable brands in the technology world – but we don’t stop there! We take our experience and know-how and develop our own products and services to best meet the needs of our customers in the region.

We know better than anyone the quality that our customers insist upon.

Mobile & Accessories

Over the past few years we have distributed more than millions of physical products including mobile devices and mobile accessories across all Iraq and Kurdistan.

Throughout our retailer stores and wholesaler agents chain. We were the authorized partner of distribution in Iraq for “Samsung” and “Nokia”,

We have provided more than 30 high-qualified service and repair centers across all Iraq and Kurdistan to ensure providing the best technical support experience to our partners consumers.

Telecom Operation

With 12 years in the telecom industry, we are a specialized distributor of Sim Cards, Search Cards and telecom services.

We assist telecommunication companies to drive customer acquisition and retention in Iraq and Kurdistan region.

With our own national and cross border footprint of dedicated resources we are able to provide detailed analytics on our subscriber base of millions.

Internet and Networking Distribution

We are a leading name in the importation and distribution of wireless & Internet technologies. We have covered more than hunderds of cities, villages and raw areas in Iraq and Kurdistan region with an internet services through Vsat, PTP, FTTH and FTTP

We have a highly-qualified staff that has in-depth product and technology knowledge to provide high quality service to a constantly expanding client-base.

Memory cards

In the last decay, the need to store information digitally has been growing very quickly.

Whether photographs or digital documents, SanDisk provides the solution. Transport, preserve, share and access required data via SanDisk memory cards.

SanDisk memory cards ensures efficient storage combined with high performance for all your mobile needs. Delta has always prided itself on its partnership engagements. Partner models are also evolving in the technology industry.

Gift card marketplace

Delta has built a custom-built e-commerce marketplace to make selling digital and physical gift cards to consumers easy and user friendly. BazarCards offers highly flexible customer experiences, advanced ecommerce features and fraud protection that actually increases revenue.

To make gifting and purchasing gift cards even easier, Bazarcards allow the customers to digitally send physical gifts.

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We work with the world’s best brands to provide technology coverage in Iraq and Kurdistan region.